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Brittany Wooden Knitting Needles-Made in the USA!



Bartlettyarns is proud to carry Brittany Needles.

About Brittany Needles:

*  Wood is warm, smooth and soft.

*  It will not drain the heat from sensitive fingers the way aluminum and plastic needles do.

*  The warmth and smoothness of hardwood nurtures sensitive fingers and provides natural strength and consistency for a lasting product.

*  Birch is a superior wood, its tensile strength and stability maintains size, resits warping and allows for an extremely smooth surface.

*  They are lightweight, so the needles will not fall out of your knitting, yet the proprietary finish provides for one of the smoothest needles

in the marketplace.

*  Wood is our greatest renewable natural resource.  It is environmentally friendly, its recyclable, biodegradable and durable.

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Type of Knitting Needle

10" Single Pointed Needles, 14" Single Pointed Needles, 5" Double Pointed Needles, 7" Double Pointed Needles