Guaranteed Processing Services

Washing Services:

Bartlett Fiber Washing, a division of Bartlettyarns uses a 1950’s Sargents Scouring Train System, developed by MIT in the 1950’s with four wash bowls, partially funded by a grant from ASI.

BFW washes wool, alpaca, llama, mohair and qiviut. Please contact us regarding other natural fibers.

Quality Controls in our Process:

  • Water is tested from our on-site well each day to insure the correct chemistry of the water.
  • Water is heated to the correct temperature and only organic washing agents are used.
  • Washes 300-500 lbs. of fiber per day.
  • Our drying system allows for a natural air flow, thus resulting In a more stable fiber structure.


  • No Minimum Amounts
  • Price Discounts for Volume
  • Price is based on in-coming greased weight
  • Individual fleece or whole lot processing
  • Discount for Washing/Carding Combined Services

Carding Services:

Customers may select to have their fiber advance to our carding system after washing. Bartlettyarns runs all fiber thru a duster and a picker to remove any remaining vegetable matter (vm). The fiber is then run thru our card making a 1” in diameter roving.

Customers may elect to send in their prewashed fiber. Note: Prewashed wool MUST meet Bartlettyarns standards for processing.


  • Roving is packaged in bulk
  • Pricing is based on finished weight
  • No minimum quantity required
  • Discount for Washing/Carding Combined Services

Spinning Services

Bartlettyarns can provide spinning services with a wide variety of options.


  • 100 pounds of clean fiber (can be any combination of fibers)
  • Our price is includes washing, blending, carding, spinning and skeining.
  • Extra charges for sport weight, which is generally put up in 1 pound cones or in 4 ounce skeins.
  • Roving from carding is bagged in bulk and charged at washing/carding prices.

Please contact us if you would like us to spin, but have pre-washed fiber.

Weaving Services

Please contact us directly at 207-683-2251 to discuss.

GOTS Certification

Bartlettyarns is working to obtain its Global Organic Textile Standards Certification. We are committed to using only organic cleansing agents in our scouring process. Bartlettyarns has been pro-active in respecting its environment and natural resources.