Guaranteed Processing Services

What is Guaranteed Custom Processing?

Bartlettyarns offers this service which is different from its Traditional Custom Processing Services.  This group of services, washing-carding-spinning-weaving allows the customer to select from any of these services and receive their very own fiber back.  Bartlettyarns prides itself on providing the very best of services to producers, customers, consumers and artists.  You may choose from any of our services outlined below.  Have questions?  Just contact us, we are here to help!

Bartlett Fiber Washing Services:

About:  Bartlett Fiber Washing utilizes a 1950’s four bowl scouring train system developed by MIT in the 1950’s.  Water is tested from our on-site well each day to insure correct chemistry of the water and organic washing agents.  Bartlett Fiber Washing utilizes a water recycling system as well as a state of the art water disposal system.

Natural Fibers:  Wool-Qiviut-Alpaca-Llama-Angora-Mohair (Please contact us to discuss any other natural fiber washing.)


Basic Information:

No Minimums/lot sizes.

Processing can be an individual fleece or a whole lot.

Price is based on in-coming greased weight.

We retain the right to accept/reject fibers.

Deposit is required along with signed contract.

Fiber is not released until paid in full.

Maine Sales Tax will be applied unless we have a copy of the tax exempt information on file prior to start of job.  No exceptions/no backbilling.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Shipping to and from mill not included.


Professional Washing Services  $5.35/ lb.-In-coming Weight


Combine Washing/Carding Services and Save!  

Have your fiber washed by Bartlett Fiber Washing and Carded by Bartlettyarns into 1″ Round Roving.  Blending is free of charge!

$14.25/lb.  Combined with Washing Services

$14.75 Without Bartlett Fiber Washing Services-It must meet our standards for our equipment to run smoothly. 

Bartlettyarns Carding Services:

Customers may select to have their fiber advance to our carding system after washing. Bartlettyarns runs all fiber thru a duster and a picker to remove any remaining vegetable matter (vm). The fiber is then run thru our card making a 1” in diameter roving.

General Information: 

Roving is packaged in bulk; price is based on finished weight; no minimums, blending is free and there is a discount for washing/carding combined services.

Pre-Washed Fiber for Carding:

Customers may elect to send in their prewashed fiber. Note: Prewashed wool MUST meet Bartlettyarns standards for processing.  


Carding Only-Customer Provides Washed Fiber-To Our Standards           $14.75/lb.

Carding Combined with Washing Services by Bartlett Fiber Washing        $14.25/ lb.


Bartlettyarns Spinning Services

Bartlettyarns enjoys working with its customers who desire to custom spin their fibers into yarns.  We have a dedicated staff with over 100 years of textile knowledge to assist you.  We spin on the woolen system and our yarns do have a softer twist and airy loftiness.  We spin on the last remaining spinning mule in the USA, a truly American Experience since 1821.

Please contact us if you would like us to spin, but have pre-washed fiber.


100 pounds of CLEAN fiber is needed (can be any combination of natural fibers)

Customers may purchase additional fiber from us to reach this goal.

Washing-please see Bartlett Fiber Washing above.  Third party washing must meet our standards.

Maine sales tax will be applied if we  DO NOT have a resale certificate on file.  this applies to everyone.

Bartlettyarns reserves the right to accept/reject processing fibers. 

Prices subject to change without notice.

Contract and deposit will be required.

Product shall be paid for in full before release.

Price does not include any shipping/handling charges.


Our prices are inclusive, no hidden or set up charges.

Bartlettyarns Price includes:  Carding  Spinning  Skeining

Available in 2 ply  3 ply  Rug  Bulky Sport Blending is free of charge

  • Price is based on finished weight as follows:
  • Less than 100 Pounds  $24.00 lb.
  • Greater than 100 Pounds $23.00 lb.
  • Sport Weight is $1.50 extra per pound.

Roving is bagged in bulk and charged at the carding price.

Please contact us if you would like us to spin, but have pre-washed fiber.

Please Note:  We are not a mini mill who can process individual fleeces into yarn or a dye house.  We can wash and card individual fleeces.

Our processing times vary.

Bartlettyarns Weaving Services

Please contact us directly at 207-683-2251 to discuss.


GOTS Certification

Bartlettyarns is working to obtain its Global Organic Textile Standards Certification. We are committed to using only organic cleansing agents in our scouring process. Bartlettyarns has been pro-active in respecting its environment and natural resources.

Bartlettyarns DOES NOT Accept Wool From the Following Breeds: Barbodas Blackbelly, California Red, Karakul, Katahdin, Romanov, St. Croix.

Bartlettyarns Accepts Wool From the Following Breeds:

Please note:  There are many, many different breeds of sheep and we cannot list them all.  This is a guide only.*Please call Lindsey to discuss.  Just because a breed is NOT listed, does  not mean that we DO NOT process it.  Additionally, if there is an (*), DO NOT assume we do not process-Bartlettyarns wishes to evaluate before committment.

Wool Breeds Meat Breeds Long Wool General Purpose Dual Purpose Other*
Cormo Cheviot Blue Face Leicester Clun Forest Columbia Icelandic
Merino Dorset Coopworth Hampshire Corriedale Shetland
Debouillet Finn Cotswold Oxford Panama Navajo Churo
Rambouillet Gulf Coast Native Lincoln Shropshire Targhee
Montadale Perendale Southdown Finn
Textel Romney Suffolk