Our History

Bartlettyarns dates back to 1821. Ozias Bartlett started a carding mill along the banks of Higgins Stream. Operating until the 1920’s, the original building burned and a new building was constructed with all modern conveniences, such as electricity! The spinning mule operates daily and is the last remaining within the United States. A Johnson and Wales, circa 1940’s spins 240 bobbins at a time, replicating the motion of hand spinning. The fine yarns produced are known worldwide for the softer twist and airy loftiness.

Fun Facts

  • The Rice's were customers of Bartlett’s for about 20+ before purchasing it in 2008.
  • Stephen King’s graveyard shift was filmed here in the 1990’s.
  • Bartlett’s has received grants from ASI for a 1950’s circa Sargents Scouring Train and from the State of Maine for a wool press.