Traditional Processing Services

What is Traditional Custom Processing?

Selecting Traditional Custom Processing allows the customer to bring in their fiber to the mill and select from Bartlettyarns line of yarns and rovings in over 65+ colors. This traditional method at Bartlettyarns allows for wool of like quality to be pooled together with similar fleece. There are no minimums.

Option #1  Out-Right Purchase

Customer brings in fleece and wants to sell directly to Bartlettyarns. The customer receives monetary payment in the form of a check issued by us only after the total greased weight minus packaging materials is determined by Bartlettyarns warehouse staff.

For ALL Processing at Bartlettyarns

  • Bartlettyarns reserves to the right to change its custom processing procedures or purchasing at anytime.
  • Bartlettyarns is not responsible for shipping costs to its facilities, drop off areas or for finished product back to customer.
  • Greased wool price is derived using US national prices.
  • Bartlettyarns reserves the right to require a deposit.
  • Orders must be picked up within 30 days of completion. Finance and storage charges may apply.

Option #2  Traditional Custom

There are no minimums for traditional custom processing. The greased wool is brought to Bartlettyarns and is weighed in, less packaging materials by our staff. Receipt is forwarded to the office of the total greased weight available. The office staff determines the total pounds using the following method:

Calculation Method:

Total Greased Weight(Less greased weight for blankets sweaters or other finished goods) =

Net Greased Weight
Net Greased Weight x .45 = Total Pounds of Finished Yarn or Roving


On a case by case basis, at Bartlettyarns discretion and after inspecting the wool, we may opt to exchange wool for finished yarn/roving. The ratio is 40:1, which means for every 40 pounds of greased wool, one pound of finished wool or roving can be obtained.

Option #4  Traditional Custom Processing and Out-Right Purchase Hybrid

On a case by case basis, Bartlettyarns will consider a partial traditional custom processing order and purchase the remaining greased wool balance. The greased wool total less wool used for traditional processing = remaining greased wool balance for which an out right purchase is calculated. A processing fee may still be due after this calculation.

Traditional Custom Processing Price List

Product Finished Yield    
Sport 1# Cones $30.00    
Sport, 4 Ounce Skein $30.00    
2 Ply $28.00    
3 Ply $28.00    
Bulky $28.00    
Rug, Natural Colors Only $28.00    
Warp, Natural Only $28.00    
1″ Round Roving $18.00  

Finished Products-

Please call about mittens, hats, socks, sweaters as our inventory changes

Prices are subject to change.

Product # Wool Required Price
Twin Blanket 30 $150.00
Throw 15 $90.00
Swirl Pack 2 $7.00
Six Pack Roving 2 $3.75
Dryer Balls (2)-Natural Colors 2 $12.00

Yarn Specifications

All Skeins are 4 Ounces           16 Ounces= 1 Pound

4 Ounces is approximately 113 Grams

  • Sport Weight Cones are 1 Pound 
  • Sport Weight Skeins are 4 Ounces
Ply Yardage
2 Ply 210
3 Ply 145
Bulky 80
Sport Cones 1750
Sport Skeins 430
4 Ply Rug-Natural Colors Only 75
1″ Round Roving Packaged in 1/2 Pound Balls

Other Information:

All orders placed in one name.  If we receive wool in your name and the order in your farm name or business name, it can be confusing and delay your order.  all transactions shall be handled by one person.  Shipment to one address.  Customers may pool orders.

Do not plan to leave your wool with us for more than two months without giving us your processing instructions.

We will orders in sequence by date.  We do not start processing an order until both your order instructions and wool  has been received by us and your order is clearly understood.

We will notify you when your order is ready, for shipment by sending our invoice.  Upon receipt of payment in full, we will ship your order by either USPS or UPS.

Under NO circumstances will an order be sent without payment.  We accept credit cards/checks.  Incidental charges are billed separately and are due on receipt.  Each order is independent of the other.

No minimum order, prices are on a per order basis.

We may impose a service charge for cancelled orders or if special work has been done for you.

If you are not satisfied we must hear from you within 30 days.  We do not accept returns without prior authorization.

A 10% minimum may be imposed on returns.

If you bring wool in person to Harmony, please plan to arrive before 2 pm to have it weighed in.

Fleece Preparation

Skirt the fleece, removing any manure tags, vegetable contamination, paint, polypropylene twine, jute, burlap, plastic thread from feed bags, baler twine, etc.

Minimize wool contamination.  Contamination lowers the yield or useful quality of the wool clip.  We cannot accept wool which includes burdock or cockleburs, paint, dirt, chaff or shavings.

We DO NOT accept belly wool, tags, wet, moldy or mildew wool.  Wool which is infested with insects or insect eggs or that smells of mothballs is not accepted.  (Insect sacks are about the size of dried rice grains, appear singly or in clusters.)

Pack your wool so that it can “breathe”.  Do not smother your wool in tightly closed plastic bags because it will start to rot or compost.  DO NOT tie fleeces.  Wool in any packaging material should not be stored in direct sunlight or on the ground.

Packaging and Labeling:

Use only new and approved wool packaging materials.  Used bags and packs contaminate wool.  Secure shipping containers with string or tape, do not use staples or wire.

Properly label all wool packages with:  Grower name, address, phone number, bag number, type of wool.