Bartlettyarns has three categories within its wholesale division to accommodate a wide range of customers.  Bartlettyarns is a “brand” which is unique in the market place.  Our yarns have the loft, texture and strength as it is created using a similar drafting procedure found in hand spinning.  As the oldest and last remaining mule spun mill in the USA, our yarns are produced in a time honored tradition using antique machinerey.  Our fine quality takes time, thus creating a superior product.

All wholesale orders must be placed thru the office.  Bartlettyarns does not handle wholesale orders during its retail shows.

Below is a detailed description of our three options.  For the application and terms and conditions, please contact us directly at 1-207-683-2251 or email us at sales@bartlettyarns.com.  We will be happy to assist you.

Effective February 7, 2016,

When requesting a Bartlettyarns Wholesale Application, it includes our sample book, application and information.  We  have instituted a $25.00 application fee.  This fee covers the cost of this mailing, materials and our sample book.  Upon return and acceptance of a completed application, $15.00 will be credited towards your first order of $300.00.

Option #1:

Traditional Wholesale Status

Our most common form of wholesale, new customers must complete an application and sign a terms and conditions form before the first order is placed  New orders require a $300 minimum with a $150 re-order.  You may mix and match our yarns and rovings to complete these requirements.  You can simily order one skein of a color and weight, you do not have to purchase 10!  We have a cash price which is slightly lower than our Net 30 price.  Generally, you wil need to establish a good working relationship with us for a period of six months to qualify for the net 30 pricing, but this is not the only limiting factor.  In most cases, but not all,  these prices are 50% of the MRSP.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall any retailer REMOVE our labels or rename any of our color way names or types of yarn.

Should you break any of our products into kits for re-sale and/or make finished goods from Bartlettyarn products you agree to note in your representation/work that it is Bartlettyarns, Inc. products and that you will utilize the established color way names and types of yarns.

Option #2:

Non-Profit Status

This status offers a 20% discount off the MSRP.  This category is reserved for schools, 4-H, FFA and other qualified non-profit organizations.  Proper identification, application and terms and conditions forms must be on file before first purchase.  There is no minimum requirement.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES shall any retailer REMOVE our labels or rename any of our color way names or types of yarns.

Option #3:


This status is reserved for people who provide proof of a business and utilizing our products for resale and not personal consumption.  This is not for hobby/crafts person.  This status offers a 20% discount off the MSRP.

An application and terms and conditions form, along with appropriate business confirmation is required before the first order is placed.  There is no minimum requirement.

Designers agree to note in their work/representations that Bartlettyarns, Inc. products have been used and to use the established Bartlettyarns color way names and types of yarns.