Baahtlett Sheep Pillow Kit


Country Inspired Sheep Pillow featuring Bartlettyarns new Northwoods 2:1 yarn.


Materials:  Bartlettyarns 2 Ply Yarn and Bartlettyarns Northwoods 2:1 Yarn

Supplies Needed:  Size 7 Single Pointed Needles, Yarn Needle, 14″ Pillow Form


This inspired country sheep pillow features a new yarn, Northwoods 2:1 for the sheep.  The pillow is approximately 14” square and is worked on single pointed needles following the enclosed graphed instructions.

The kit is available in two color ways, midnight blue or charcoal (not shown). 

Another option also exists for purchasing the pillow form with the kit. 

The pillow form is an additonal $10.00 and it will be added at the time of checkout if this selection is made.

Bartlettyarns is not selling the pattern to this kit individually.

C. 2016