Bartlettyarns is pleased to offer new services in 2017 which include complete wool and natural fiber processing to its customers so that you can be assured of receiving your own fiber back either in washed wool, roving or yarns.

Bartlettyarns prides itself on no hidden or set up charges.  It is important to us that our customers know  up front what the pricing structure is and the options available.

Bartlettyarns Guaranteed Processing Services:

General Information:

  • Fibers Processed: Wool, Alpaca, Llama, Mohair
  • Processing Services:   Washing – Carding – Spinning
  • Only organic cleaning agents used.
  • Prices are based on incoming greased weight.
  • No minimum for washing/carding services.
  • Minimums apply for spinning services.
  • Individual fleeces or whole lot processing.
  • Blending available at no extra charge.

Washing Services:

Bartlettyarns uses a 1950’s style Sargents  Scouring Train developed for MIT.  This four bowl system has been set up for water efficiency and a state of the art water discharge system.  We are currently seeking GOTS and Organic Certification of these processes.

Washing/Carding Services:

No minimum quantities required.  Receive 1″ round roving.

Spinning Services:

100# of clean fiber is needed.  Our price includes washing, carding, spinning and skeining.  There are no set up fees or hidden charges.  Price is based on finished weight.  Yarns are skeined accurately to yardage and weight.  Roving from carding is bagged in bulk and charged as washing/carding prices.

Carding Services:

Provide your own washed wool that is acceptable to Bartlettyarns standards and your fiber back in 1″ ROUND roving.  No minimums.


Bartlettyarns may require a 50% non-refundable deposit before starting an order.