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Custom Processing


Custom Processing Options at Bartlettyarns                

At Bartlettyarns we offer several options for "custom processing" of your fiber.  Please find our different options below and should you have any questions, please feel free to either email us or contact us at the office.

Option #1– Out-Right Purchase

Customer brings in fleece and wants to sell it directly to Bartlettyarns.  The customer receives monetary payment in the form of a check issued by us only after the total greased weight minus packaging materials is determined by Bartlettyarns warehouse staff.

Option #2– Bartlettyarns Traditional Custom Processing

There are no minimums for traditional custom processing.   The greased wool is brought to Bartlettyarns and is weighed in, less packaging materials by the Bartlettyarns warehouse staff.  Receipt is forwarded to the office of the total greased weight available.  The office staff determines the total pounds using the following method:


Total Greased Weight (Less greased weight for blankets, sweaters or other finished goods)= Net Greased Weight

Net Greased Weight x .45 = Total Pounds of Finished Yarn or Roving

Blankets, sweaters, hats, etc require greased wool and processing fee.

Finished Yarn price is broken down by 3 categories based on quantity.

Roving has a standard per pound cost across all 3 categories of pricing.



100 # Total Greased Weight

(30 #) For Blanket

= 70# Net Greased Weight

70# Net Greased Weight

x .45 = 31.5 # Finished Yarn/Roving


31.5 # falls in our Middle Price Category for Finished Yarn.  Roving price is our standard price across all 3 categories.      

Option #3– Bartlettyarns  Specialty Custom Processing-Yarn

There is a 100# clean (washed) fiber minimum per lot.     An option for customers who want their own fiber back and for fiber blend projects.  Bartlettyarns does not scour or dye fiber.  Arrangements can be made for these services.  Bartlettyarns prices are inclusive of picking, carding, spinning, plying, skeining and coning.  We DO NOT charge a set up fee. Our price is calculated on the finished yield of the yarn.  Remaining fiber left on the card is turned into round roving whenever possible and returned back to the customer.

Option #4–  Specialty Custom Processing-Roving

There is no minimum.  Fiber must be clean (washed) and not sticky.  Scouring can be arranged for an additional fee.  The price of processing fiber into roving is on the finished yield, there are no hidden or set up fees.  Roving is delivered back to customer in bulk.  We do not custom process pencil roving.   

Option #5-Even Exchange-No Money Involved

On a case by case basis, at Bartlettyarns discretion  and after inspecting the wool, we may opt to exchange wool for finished yarn/roving.  The ratio is 40:1, which means for every 40 pounds of greased wool, one pound of finished yarn or roving can be obtained.  

Option #6– Traditional Custom Processing & Out-Right Purchase Hybrid

On a case by case basis, Bartlettyarns will consider a partial traditional custom processing order and purchase the remaining greased wool balance.  The greased wool total less wool used for traditional processing = remaining greased wool balance for which out right purchase is calculated.  A processing fee may still be due after this calculation.

Packing and Labeling:

*Use only new and approved wool packaging materials.

Pack your wool so that it can "breathe".  Do not smother your wool in tightly closed plastic bags because

it will start to rot or compost.  Do NOT tie fleeces.  Wool in any packaging material should not be stored

in direct sunlight or on the ground.

*Used bags and packs contaminate wool.

Secure shipping containers with string or tape, do not use staples or wire.

Properly label all wool packages with:

Grower Name


Phone Number

Bag Number

Type of Wool

Prepary all shipping charges,  Bartlettyarns does not accept collect shipments or C.O.D.'s.

We retain the right to refuse any wool that does not meet our quality standards.


Processing Instructions:

Instructions and wool can be sent via USPS to:

PO Box 36, Harmony, ME 04942

All other carriers, please use:

20  Water Street, Harmony, ME 04942

All orders placed in one name.  If we receive wool in your name and the order in your farm name or business name, it can be confusing and delay your order.  All transactions shall be handled by one person.  Shipments are to one address.  Customers may pool orders.

Do not plan to leave your wool with us for more than two months without giving us your processing instructions.

We fill orders in sequence by date.  We do not start processing an order until both your order instructions and wool has been received by us, and your order is clearly understood.

We will notify you when your order is ready for shipment by sending our invoice.  Upon receipt of payment in full, we will ship your order either by USPS or UPS.

Under no circumstances will an order be send without payment.  We accept credit cards/checks.  Incidential charges are billed separately and are due on receipt.  Each order is independent of the other.

No minimum orders, prices are on a per order basis.

We may impose a service charge for cancelled orders or if special work has been done for you.

If you are not satisfied, we must hear from you within 30 days.  We do not accept reurns without proper authorization.

A 10% or $10 minimum may be imposed on returns.

If you bring wool in person to Harmony, please plan to arrive by 2 pm to have it weighted in on the same day.

We are open Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, except holidays.  Phone ahead if you are delayed or are in doubt about our business hours.

Harmony is located on Route 150 between Skowhegan and Guilford, ME.  Our historic mill is located just south of the Village, on the west side of Higgins Stream, at 20 Water Street.

Other Information of Interest:

*Bartlettyarns reserves the right to change its custom processing procedures or purchasing at anytime. 

*Bartlettyarns is not responsible for shipping costs to its facilities, drop off areas or for finished product back to customers.

*Greased wool price is derived using the current national  greasy wool market price.        

Bartlettyarns reserves the right to retain a deposit before any specialty custom work is started.  Specialty  custom processing yarn and roving orders must be picked up within 30 days of notification of completeness.  Orders not picked up during this time frame are subject to finance charges and storage fees.  After 90 days, product becomes the property of Bartlettyarns and they will dispose of it as necessary.  All orders shall be paid in full before being released. 


Please Note: Orders not paid and picked up within 30 days of being invoiced will be subject to $15/month storage fee and applicable finance charges.  After 60 days from date of invoice we will break down the order.

Finished Yield prices are determined at the time the sales order is placed.  Each subsequent sales order placed is independent of the previous and reverts back to custom processing finished yield quantity prices.

Maine State Sales Tax will be applied if we DO NOT have a resale certificate on file for you.  This applies to ALL customers.

Bartlettyarns Accepts Wool From The Following Breeds:

Wool Breeds:  American Cormo; Booroola Merino; Debouiliet; Delaine Merino, Rambouillet

Dual or General Purpose Breeds (Non-White Face):  Clun Forest, Hampshire, Oxford, Shropshire, Southdown, Suffolk, Tunis

Meat Breeds:  (White Face):  Cheviot; Dorset; Finnsheep; Gulf Coast Native; Montadale; North Country Cheviot; Textel

Dual or General Purpose Breeds:  Columbia; Corriedale, Panama; Targhee; Finnsheep

Long Wool/Carpet Breeds:  Blue Face Leicester; Border Leicester; Coopworth; Cotswold; Lincoln; Perendale; Romney

Bartlettyarns Does NOT Accept Wool From The Following Breeds:

Barbados Blackbelly; California Red; Dorper; Icelandic*; Karakul; Katahdin; Navajo Churo*; Romanov; St. Croix

*  Please call Lindsey to discuss