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Light Salmon Round Roving

Flesh Round Roving
A half pound bag of carded wool roving in Flesh color. Also available in smaller sizes. price will change at checkout.
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€7.50 (EUR)

100% Wool Rovings!

Bartlettyarns 100% Wool Rovings are created in a time honored tradition. 

Designed for hand spinning, wet needle felting, dry needle felting and for making fleece lined products.  

Rovings are formed in a 1" diameter long cylindrical roll. (The pictures show our round roving after being felted into balls.)

Our traditional packaging consists of 1/2 pound packages. 

Large Package consists of approximately 4 yards- $4.00

Small Package consists of approximately 2 yards- $2.00


More Info:

We also carry our line of quality needle felting needles and needle felting pads. 

These can be found under our Kits, Patterns and Supplies Section.